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Building a Garden Library can become an addiction, as I know to my cost, for my bookshelves overflow into boxes, the roofspace, the shed and even on the stairs where we are apt to fall over them at inconvenient moments. Here, on this page, I will endeavour to list all that come my way, though ONLY if I find that they truly inspire me (how long is a piece of string?) You'll find gardening topics, cookbooks, books on art techniques related to botanical painting/sketching, and even books on making your own illustrated mixed-media diaries and journals. So, not in any particular order:

Set yourself a Summer Project and learn how to capture garden flowers on paper using pencils, pastels crayons and charcoal. Though not a new book (it was published in 2010 by Search Press), ‘Draw Flowers’ by Anne Pieper is a perfect introduction to the art of illustrating flowers and seedpods, and particularly welcome in that you can take it out into the garden, or on holiday, and do not require all the usual artist’s paraphernalia. Well-illustrated in two sections: materials and techniques, followed by 16 detailed studies and drawing projects offering step-by-step guidance. Click here to buy online. 

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