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Friday, 12 July 2013

Updating and Upgrading

Enticing deckchairs with a story at the
RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this week
(in the garden created by Chris Beardshaw)
It's been such a long time since I was able to post on this blog. So much has happened since January, not least of which I have not been well ands struggling to keep up with my commitments. I've been writing my four pages every month for Grow it! magazine - a compendium of inspiration, as the editor so kindly puts it. I've been working at two RHS Shows: the Malvern Spring Show, for which I am engaged to write a weekly blog (Ann's Malvern Jotter) and also this last Monday at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Both memorable events and quite different in their respective layouts and content.

But what I really wanted to write about was that I have been upgrading this blog to provide extra pages of content. As yet, only one extra page is in publishable format, and that relates to Shows as well. Others are part complete and will appear by-and-by. To access this extra content, you simply click on one of the headings just under the blog banner (in this case, you click on 'Go Visiting'. Other topics so far will include Suppliers, Bookshop, Recipes, Garden Art, Journaling and Useful Suppliers. There will a link at the end of each page to return you to the main blog post.

Just a few of my paper and fabric garden-related journals
I have been moderately busy in the garden itself - the Courtyard Potager has had some spectacular alliums and the herbs about which I am crazy are flourishing. But the aspect about which I am most pleased has been nurturing the creative side of me - illustrated journal pages, 'map trails' and other mixed-media paper and fabric booklets with gardens and gardening as the main theme. Right now, my tiny caravan is overflowing with these creations as I am participating in Warwickshire Open Studios. It's been lovely talking to people about the different techniques I use to make some of these tiny treasures. It may seem a strange topic on a gardening blog, but believe me, my garden is my inspiration for all manner of things - it isn't just sowing and growing.