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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Revival - and I'm so pleased to return ...

The 'Courtyard Potager' in July 2012

I've been a stranger to my Garden Notes these past eighteen months, but am now returning. I am emerging from a stupidly intense period of activity when I could not accomplish all that was precious too me - I found it intensely sad to put 'GGN' to one side. Season by season, my work shifts: from gardens to travel to craft; and now back to gardens and gardening. Always, the joy of the natural world, of plants cultivated and wild, of growing them in plots large and small, and of using them and everything within as a catalyst for journals and other creative things.

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New directions for 2013 have already begun and I am so excited! Like a child, sometimes it is hard to contain one's joy, and I do so love sharing my various endeavours with others. The first of the 2013 excitements is my new 15-part series of features that I am writing for 'Grow it' magazine. 'The Productive Garden' is a compendium of inspiration and practical advice based on my own gardens-within-gardens and gardening experiences (which began in London as the bombs fell around us in World War II (not many, but enough to scare a small child). There are a number of themes and topics in each issue - and the first (January 2013 issue) has just been published! Overflow bits and pieces will appear on this blog, as will other activities related to gardens and gardening and the second 2013 excitement which is in preparation.


  1. 15 parts - many, many, many congratulations! It's always good to hear of positive news in the writing world :)

    1. Thankyou for your kind good wishes, Michelle. To be able to recreate the garden, AND write about it is pure joy.