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Monday, 25 July 2011

Written at Tatton, Posted from Home

I could have sat for hours within this peaceful meadow garden, oblivious of all that was going on around me
Here, at Tatton, we are a world away from our normal forays into show territory. Spacious, and set within open parkland, even the show gardens have a different feel about them. Less emphasis on vegetables, and maybe – because of the set themes – a glimpse into the future.

Quite a few exhibitors were displaying their plants in hessian bags - or rather disguising the pots: what a good idea for the garden, though I would cut open the bottom of the sack or it would quickly rot. And when the whole sack starts to decompose, onto the compost heap it would go.

Perhaps it is the sponsors of the gardens, but there seems to be a greater emphasis on supporting charities – all worthy causes, all portraying a message (sometimes somewhat hidden), but - mostly - the gardens do not feel like gardens, I do not feel comfortable looking at them. I begin to feel guilty, saying to myself that I really SHOULD like this one, because of what it is trying to convey. But it makes no difference, I either like something or I don’t. And maybe that is the way for all of us.

I particularly loved this cottage garden display, with the backdrop setting the scene

Of the three RHS Shows we have attended this year – Malvern, Hampton Court and Tatton, I cannot say which I most enjoyed .. the ambience and welcome afforded the press makes such a difference, when one is working. We’d have liked to do Harrogate, but the RHS would not cooperate; instead – no way would we miss it – Malvern Autumn beckons (Sept 24th and 25th) with its ‘splendid mix for food and garden lovers’. It will feel like coming home.

Of the many nurseries displaying and selling plants, this was my favourite, just in the mix of plants and the way they had been displayed

I will be posting some gardening books later in the week on my 'Book Lover's Blog' - do please visit; it's a mixture of this and that, all surrounding the printed word.

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