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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Three down and one to go

Malvern again: the 2011 'RHS Spring Gardening Show' - the point last year that 'Grandma's Garden' came into being. With this blog updated in name, I am back here, even though the Show does not open until tomorrow. And what a Show it will be: so many new features; such show gardens, and this year spread all around the Showground - no single focus. It's a 'green' show; more so than ever. And even though we (Raymond and I) will be here for all four days, I do not know how I can possibly cover or report on it all. Today is just a taster.

So what I plan to do is to blog every day of the Show - on all four of my blogs: quite a 'blogathon' in fact. (I've already posted on three of them this evening, hence this post's title). I only hope the showground WiFi is cooperative; it was a bit tricky earlier on. Each blog post (there should be sixteen in all) will be different, no duplication; my blogs all interact, so if you want to follow my 'Malvern Trail', please click from one blog to another. Until tomorrow ...

Photos: Above left - quirky bird-feeders along the pathway leading to the rustic stage within the 'Garden in Harmony' theatre. There are two paths, both garden borders are different, though each with flowers, herbs, vegetables and trees. Above right - the 'Shepherd's Garden' in the Eco-Living area: a shepherd's hut in the background, a wild-garden adjacent, and in front an enclosed vegetable patch (the enclosure a living wall, clad in fleece of many colours.


  1. Have a wonderful time at Malvern. It does sound as though you will be busy reporting, so I hope that you can find some time to relax and enjoy the plants.

  2. Great pics! That is a really big task you have set yourself. Good luck!