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Friday, 13 May 2011

Learning Something New

meeting other garden bloggers - writers and publishers

Press Day (Thursday) at the Show and a question of trying to double-book myself – there is so much to do here, so much to see, so much to photograph. And people to talk too – blogging friends and acquaintances, other journalists, book publishers. All here on their own trail of  enjoyment and experience.

I listened to a fascinating talk by Jekka McVicar on herbs that were once wildlings (my term not hers): she as trying to encourage her audience to grow more native species, saying that there are “a plethora of native wild flowers which are edible and beneficial to our native insects” – bees and hoverflies etc. If they grow well in the wild in your area, they should flourish in the garden. From her truncated list (the theatre programme was cut short), there are only two that I do not grow (sea fennel and seakale) for the simple reason that we do not live near the sea!). She explained that you can allow a herb to grow that you consider to be a weed, simply by clearing space around it.

herbs in Jekka's circular display bed at the Show - there's still time to visit and purchase
Here is her list – you’ll have to purchase a copy of  her new book to read about how to use them: thyme, oregano, fennel, comfrey, wild garlic, hedge garlic, cleavers (goosegrass), meadowsweet, salad burnet, caraway, yarrow, chamomile, feverfew, marsh mallow, musk mallow, angelica, field poppy, flax, chicory, dandelion, sea fenel, sea kale, red valerian, ground ivy, ivy-leaved toadflax, horseradish.

Blogger was offline on Thursday evening, hence this late post; written but not published immediately.


  1. Glad to see the 'Press' in action - I thought Jekka's display looked marvellous!

  2. Goosegrass is a favourite chicken treat. I tried it on them having read the ingredients of VermX, and keep a little patch going in a wild corner for them.

  3. It was; always inspires me; though I have been to occupied to indulge in my passion for herbs, or anything else for that matter!

  4. Oh this Blogger crash has affected everything; my comment was in reply ti that of Laurie, and then I see there was another comment in between (Blue Shed Thinking). I need to hibernate for a while!