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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Exhausted !

Who's been on a plant-buying spree?

Friday at Malvern was equally frenetic, forever dashing from one end of the Showground to another, to interview various people, chat to others, and endeavour to be in more than one place simultaneously. I was VERY GOOD and only succumbed to one plant – a pure white Ragged Robin. Others had clearly come plant hunting; Malvern has always been a plant-lovers Show, a paradise for searching out the unusual. My garden of recent years has of necessity become vegetable-orientated (because that is where my writing commissions lie). But I miss the massed flourish of my flowers and managed to sneak one mixed bed into my ‘eco-garden’, on the basis that you need flowers to attract beneficial insects. So the shrub rose scents the evening air, and the foxglove co-habits – at last I really do have foxgloves actually in flower, taking me back to childhood when we fitted the bells like gloves over our fingers.

We've all been spending, so ... shall we phone  for a taxi?
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  1. A white Ragged Robin! A beautiful plant to take home with you.
    Our foxgloves are almost in flower and the bees are going to have a feast this year.

  2. Just the one plant? What strength of will you have!

  3. Just one plant? Well there were many I could have bought - and I forgot to go back to collect the Egyptian Onion I hankered for. But envisage this: one dumpy old lady, heavy press bag with laptop and leads, camera bag and handbag (to hold the credit card etc) plus show catalogue, notebook and pen for taking notes. Only two hands and two shoulders! Doesn't look too professional if you're also laden down with shopping bags; particularly as my husband had commented in the morning that I looked frumpish in my grey outfit! (So I added a salmon coloured silk scarf, and the wind kept whipping it off my shoulders!) Ah, who would be a writer .....