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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Grandma returns!

a new area of my garden in need of reclamation: it's to be a mini-potager surrounded by an eco-friendly shrubbery with  lots of pots containing herbs and flowers as well
You may notice that the title of this blog has changed; that's the doing of Grandma (me), the better to reflect what I want to write about. I had better explain: somewhere whilst meandering within my workspace, my garden, and with numerous garden and travel features to write, I lost the plot (figuratively) and Grandma's Garden went into hibernation. Meanwhile, the 'Gardening Companion' blog I was engaged to write professionally for Dobies of Devon came into being, and is flourishing - over 8,000 visits since the beginning of the year, over 600 to one post alone.

these looked so cheerful on the roadside - not the sort of image you'd add to a professional blog, unless you wanted to demonstrate how prolific they are
But I have missed the freedom and wild creativity of 'Grandma's Garden', and have decided to open the garden gate once more, and invite you to potter with me through new posts. Now I have to admit that I began the original Grandma's Garden in a huge rush, almost exactly a year ago, when arranging to meet with other Garden bloggers at the 2010 Malvern Spring Gardening Show. At the time, I had two blogs 'Wild Somerset Child' and 'Journaling the Journal' but not one specifically devoted to gardening and related pursuits. I did not really think it through, nor what I really wanted to cover.

Taking the description of Grandma's Garden Notes may bring enlightenment: 'Reality' - my garden as is; and other gardens that I visit from time to time. 'Fantasy' - my many journals and stitched pieces.  'Imagination' - a twist on the books I review, putting them into context; outlining some of the activities and projects I come across when researching my commissioned features (I can't always include all that I discover). I suppose what I really want to do is to bring to others the joy of gardens, of natural history, of produce that inspires appetising meals - though you will never know quite what I will draw together in any onepost. I am thinking 'compendium' - somewhere into which you can dip from time to time, which I hope will bring you joy.

I've been back at Malvern within the last ten days in hot sunshine. So many new features for this year's 'Spring Gardening Show', I cannot wait to see them all, and will be spending all four days at the Show, blogging live I hope if the WiFi plays ball. Only twelve days to go (dates are 12th-15th May). I never know which aspect I like the most, but am never disappointed, even when the weather is not at its best.

an olive grove in the making; it's sure to be transformed by the time I return 

It's a beautiful evening, though exceedingly blustery, but my little garden shown at the top of this post is sheltered and inviting. I have seeds to sow and plants to add to my collection of old pots; and maybe a glass of wine to enjoy sitting observing it all (though you cannot see the inviting sea-blue table and chairs in the pic above).

I do hope you will join me from time to time and visit my revised blog; I've also just dragged myself into the 21st century - I've discovered Facebook! Not quite sure what to do with it as yet, or how it works; but no-one is ever too old to learn (I'll just have to find the time.)


  1. Facebook can be time consuming but then so can blogging. I am disabled and spend more time than most at the computer and I never get done what I set out to accomplish. I found you from Barefoot crofter's blog and if you dont mind I will drop in from time to time and see how the garden is doing. I cant get in our garden any longer so I like to share other peoples. XXX Don

  2. There is just never enough time and energy to do all the wonderful things that our imaginations can conjure--handcrafting, gardening, writing. So much inpsires me, yet so much time must be spent on rather mundane neccesities which keep a home functioning.
    We await here, impatiently, some dryer weather when we can continue with the garden--at the moment all is mud and wellies.