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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year : New Blog - an invitation to view

In June 2010, I was engaged professionally to write a monthly on-line newsletter for the long-established seed company, Dobies of Devon: for 'keen and dedicated gardeners. Last month, I was asked to extend what I have been doing and write a weekly blog as well. covering a mix of gardening topics, along with recipes from my Cotswold kitchen, inspirational gardens to visit, book reviews, and much else. I am really excited about all this, for they are such a lovely, friendly company to work with, and this new blog will in no way be a 'hard sell'. Other team members will be contributing as well, so it should be a fascinating mix of topics and information.

The 'Dobies of Devon Gardening Companion' went 'live' for the first time last week; please click on the link - it would be wonderful if you would leave a comment. The layout isn't perfect yet, it's the first time I've contributed to a team blog, so there may be unintentional hiccups at my end. And if you'd like to learn more about the company itself and what they offer, please click here - you can access my newsletter (a 'helping hand') lower left of screen on the Dobies website under Useful Information.

creating a new bit of garden with two of the grandchildren, nearly seven years ago
I am passionate about so many things, and one is to pass on to future generations the joy of gardening, wildlife, food, history, literature, and creating with one's hands. And in case you are wondering: no, I haven't been asked to promulgate this new blog; I just truly love what I do and want to share it with others.

A very happy new year to all 'bloggers' and all the best for 2011 - and my apolgies to those who follow THIS blog and have already seen the 'announcement' on my others blogs!

P.S. I'll be taking a break from "Grandma's Garden" for the time being, though I'll still be reading the blogs I love to follow. As for me: I haven't put in the necessary effort to make this blog work; so much to actually do in the garden (the reality side), and the fantasy and imagination aspect needs much time in the studio, too (draft work still in progress with paper, fabric, photo and stitch). Topics on all my blogs are interlinked, so you can keep up-to-date with my endeavours on one or other of them. Meanwhile, thankyou for following 'GG' and hope to see you elsewhere.