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Friday, 24 September 2010

Malvern Autumn Show - on now!

I know I haven't posted anything for a long while, and thankyou to those bloggers who have hung in there, maybe wondering what had happened to 'Grandma'. Quite a lot, actually. But tonight I'm again at Malvern (which sparked this blog in the first place back in the Spring), ready for 'the off' tomorrow of the RHS Malvern Autumn Show: a 'celebration of nature's harvest' and edible gardens in the Good Life Pavilion, and much, much more. Watch out for 'Red Love' tomorrow or Sunday!

The focal garden in the Pavilion is 'Living Landscapes' created by Paul Hervey-Brookes. Atmospheric, amazing, so talented, so 'Malvern'. It's not until you read the catalogue that you realise its significance. Maybe I'll lift the description and add more photos, if the laptop batteries in the motorhome - and the lights! - hold out.


  1. Yoour posts are worth waiting for. I beleive I would enjoy the atmosphere of Malvern.

  2. MM - I am sure you would; it is such a happy, friendly show; lots to see, lots to do whether it's gardening, food, crafts, or just a fun day out.

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