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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cut flowers

I spotted this bouquet of flowers whilst shopping yesterday in the Ludlow Food Centre. To me they epitomise early summer, and as they are grown locally save considerably on flower-miles. We are in Ireland for a few days (or will be in a couple of hours) and I plan to photograph as many wild flowers as I can, weather permitting; garden flowers as well, if we can squeeze in a few visits.

The blues, greens, purples and yellows in the bouquet exactly replicate those I have used to edge the pages of a travel journal I a keeping whilst on our 'Irish Rhapsody' - I'll be blogging about that whenever I can access WiFi, across all three of my blogs. The sea is the colour of silk as I write on the 'Stena Adventurer'; silk in such subtle shades of green (se the alchemillia leaves above) and that of the catmint, too, plus a sort of sandy grey as the sun shines through the haze. I can visualise a sea-garden and wonder which of the many gifted designers I know could replicate what I have in my mind, using hard landscaping (not too much) and plants that do not mid salt-spray or wind. It's silly to contemplate a garden by the sea when we actually live almost in the centre of the England.


  1. Beautiful flowers, wildflowers ar my favorite.
    Is that Love in the midst????

  2. What a delightful bouquet. Nothing exotic, just familiar and homey.
    I've just set out three varieties of catmint to fill in around the new roses, alchemilla to hold raindrops in the leaves. My mind's eye sees it all full grown and flowering.

  3. Dear Ann,

    Please say hello to Ireland for me as it has been more than thirty years since I was there last and it was indeed one of the best backpacking trips I undertook.

    I am sorry it took so very long to add your blog to my list but I wanted to have a separate category for gardening on The DIRECTORY and now that it is done, a link to your blog appears there.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  4. Hello and thankyou for your comments. I am still in ireland and will post a gardening item as soon as I can find where I have filed the pics I took on a private visit to an organic smallholding in the Wicklow Mountains (south of Dublon) last week. Until I've found it, I will be posting on my other two blogs in a few minutes so please hop over there (listed on right) for more news. A.