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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Welcome to my new blog

part of the shady cider garden and one corner of the 'square foot' plot

Hello and welcome to my garden blog. Gardening and gardens have featured in both my other blogs over the last two years, but as I am supposed to be creating an illustrated diary / scrapbook of our plot for a magazine feature later this year, I thought that blogging about it on a regular basis would encourage me to take photos and rationalise my many scrappy notes. At present they lie in folders, are scribbled in numerous journals and on bits of paper; and I can never find any of them when I want them.

the latest section to be re-claimed - the eco-plot with border at the back of productively useful shrubs and herbs

The story behind Grandma's Garden began a long while ago - forty years ago in fact. That's the real garden (long before I was a Grandma !). But then there is the imaginary one as well. The tale of both will unfold in future postings, but for now, I rushed out to snap these pics - should have used a tripod (camera shake). It is bright and sunny; there is far too much to do outside, and I should be packing to leave for Malvern and the RHS Spring Gardening Show - and the 'garden bloggers meet'. I felt I had registered under false pretences, but now, with a blog devoted solely to gardening, perhaps I can hold my head up high and say 'hello' as a real gardener.

pear trees in the orchard, and my spreading patch of cowslips - the stakes are to deter my husband from mowing over them!

I hope you will join me on my journey, both the real and the imaginary one.


  1. Looking forward to your journey

  2. Thankyou so much - so kind of you to follow me. I must check your blog shortly. A.

  3. Gardening is my favorite.. I'll definitely be following your journey..

  4. I look forward to following this journey.

  5. I know that a blog devoted to your gardening will be as delightful as the other two. Count me in! [Dare I say that I, too, wonder how you'll manage to do it all?]

  6. Thankyou all so much - I'm sitting write now at the Malvern Show and about to post about this, the first day - for as long as my 1-hour WiFi token will allow. So here goes.