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Friday, 7 May 2010

Malvern Spring Gardening Show - Day Two

in the lee of the Malvern Hills - what a backdrop to the showground

I am writing this in the cab of our motorhome (my away-from-the office-studio); it's almost dusk, with grey rain-showers massing over the Malvern Hills, spread as a chain before me - a sight that captivates me at every show we attend. Unlimited WiFi access means I can post for as long as I can see (possibly even by candlelight). I won't continue with what being here at all year after year means to me, for this is A GARDENING / GARDENER'S BLOG and I should not be wittering on about the location or my own feelings.

picturesque, but actually a very good use for an old wheelbarrow - mixed herb-salad seedlings on the Cottage Herbery stand in the Eco Garden & Home section of the show.

But it is the location that to my mind sets the scene for a very special Show - a Show for which I have been writing selective reviews for the last five years. Which is a privilege, and a responsibility, for with a limited word-count, to select all that I want to pass on to readers is in a way confining and well-nigh impossible; I must be too brief - I can but offer a taster. Which is why a personal blog is so liberating - I can pick and choose.

It's 25 years since the first spring gardening show, and some of the exhibitors have been attending every show since then - Pennards Plants had a display of all the many varieties of seed potatoes they still sell; each labelled with name and year of introduction

What concerns me right now is that the links I wanted to provide to the gardens I illustrated yesterday, and any links for today, are non-existent. I need a magnifying glass to check them in the Show Guide, or a torch. It is discourteous not to do so, but they will follow. For now brief captions must suffice.

Another 25-year link with the show - a visit from HRH the Princess Royal (Princess Anne) - see my blog 'Wild Somerset Child' for the significance of her being at Malvern today.

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