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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Malvern Spring Gardening Show - Day One

Rain, at first light a drizzle, then clattering down. Low cloud over the hills and everyone feeling - and looking - SOGGY. I'm typing this in our motorhome, looking at the mesmirising Malvern Hills and wondering how soon my one-hour WiFi token will run out! I'll post as-is when the hour is almost up, and buy more cyber-time tomorrow. If I run out of time, I will list the garden credits tomorrow - very unprofessional I know, but time is of the essence to get anything at all posted this evening.

The gardens are amazing, some spectacularly so. Who could not fail to be impressed by the ingenuity of design, the plant schemes, and the sheer hard work that goes into providing Show visitors with such pleasure.

After our arrival yesterday and a sneak preview of show gardens and other areas of the showground, I am spinning the green thread that will weave my two commissioned magazine features.

To the acompaniment of a beautiful young Philippino girl singing 'Moon River' on stage in the Design for Living Theatre, I stand awaiting the day's events, scribbling in my notebook which accompanies me everywhere.

I interview Chris Beardshaw about the mentoring scholarship candidates of the last three years - some revealing facts are emerging (but that's for another post); and then talk to the beautiful Maria (from Granada, in Spain) - this year's recipient of this very prestigious scholarship.

More tomorrow .....


  1. That looks like such an interesting place to explore. I'm reminded of the times I could attent the Boston Flower Show in Massachusetts. that was held in a huge indoor exhibition hall but some of the displays were made to resemble a rock garden, cottage garden--endless plantings. Inspiring!

  2. Ooooh, look forward to seeing that top garden - mine slopes and I want some steps.

  3. Thankyou for visiting, Frankie - did we meet at the bloggers' meeting point? I don't know any garden bloggers as yet but hope to catch up with everyone's blog - including yours - from the 'meet at malvern' crowd once we return home.